Can I Run My Furnace Without a Filter?

Furnace Without Filter

Utah is known for “the greatest snow on earth” because our snowfall averages 54″, almost twice as much as other ski resort states. For many of us, January is the best skiing month. For others, it’s the best month to enjoy the warmth and comfort of home.

You should have two indoor-air-related goals for 2021: Comfortable, temperature-friendly heating and cooling, and good indoor air quality (IAQ). Maintenance and clean furnace filters are the best way to keep your air clean and your furnace running better, longer.

Here’s why furnace filters are important:

  • Airborne particles and dust can build-up quickly. Furnace air filters keep dust and contaminants from collecting on your furnace mechanisms. When airborne particles build-up on furnace parts, they can malfunction and that may lead to a need for cleaning or expensive repairs. If your heat sensor gets dirty, your heat exchanger can break. If the build-up is near electrical components, it can lead to fires.
  • Without furnace filters, contaminated air continues to circulate. Breathing contaminated, unfiltered air can lead to allergy problems and even cause more serious health issues.
  • Filtration reduces dust that builds up on furniture and floors. You will need to clean and vacuum more often if you do not use furnace filters.
  • Lack of filters and their filtration benefits can cause your HVAC’s furnace and air conditioner to work harder.  This means you are expending more energy; your monthly energy bills will be higher than necessary. Not changing your filter enough can also cause the same issues.
  • If you have pets, furnace filtration is even more important because pet dander will accumulate in your system. As allergens spread throughout your house, your air quality deteriorates enough to pose a health hazard.

Additional Information About Your Furnace and Filters

A furnace draws air in, warms it using a heat exchanger, pushes it into your air ducts, and distributes it throughout your home. Your furnace runs until the indoor temperature reaches your desired thermostat setting.

The average household spends approximately $2,200 a year on its energy bill. With regular HVAC maintenance (Twice a year – fall and spring – is recommended.) and when you change your air filter as often as needed, you can save from 5 to 15 percent on your utility costs.

There are several types of furnace filters you can use. Whether one is “better” than another depends on a variety of factors plus the type of HVAC unit installed in your home or business. See our blog post about types of furnace filters here. Call our specialists today to see what kind of filter is best for you and how often you need to replace it.

Kelly’s Heating & Cooling for Furnace Maintenance and Repair in Salt Lake

In short, technically, you can run your furnace without filters. Realistically though, it’s a very bad idea.

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