Kelly’s Heating and Cooling Installation Service

HVAC technicians work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We install, repair, replace and maintain HVAC systems for homes and businesses in various types of construction.

Kelly’s Heating & Cooling skilled technicians know how to make homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An HVAC system includes many complex components and equipment. All components must be sized and installed properly to work correctly.

A/C and Furnace Installation

An HVAC system includes complex components and equipment. All components must be designed, sized and installed properly to work correctly. By following the leading industry manufacturer’s instructions for new system installation, we ensure better HVAC performance, while providing long unit life and lower utility consumption bills.
Our skilled A/C service & installation technicians are ready to serve you. People use different ways to stay comfortable throughout the summer, but few can go without air conditioning. An accurately installed HVAC system will help to keep you, your family, and even your employees comfortable throughout the year.

HVAC System Sizing is Important

A Kelly’s Heating & Cooling reputable skilled technician will provide you the correct size and type of air conditioning & heating for your desired comfort.

HVAC in your area has a bad reputation for being sized and installed incorrectly. This is a common problem that is causing us to pay higher utility bills, while not being comfortable in our homes.

The Cost of HVAC installation.

We take your budget serious! We continually strive to provide the best brand(s) and respect your budget.

Installing an HVAC system’s exact cost of installation will depend on the size of your new system, the efficiency of the new system you wish to install and existing problems you want fixed.

Ductless Mini Heat pump System

Every now and then a new product comes out that revolutionizes our industry. This new ductless mini split system is the BANG!

Imagine the ability to add heating and central air in any location of your home, garage, or office without adding ducting. Ask us about the instant dealer rebate today by calling 801-282-9952 or email

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