Choosing the Right Company to Install Your Furnace is Very Important to Your Comfort

The most important factor in getting an efficient and comfortable furnace is the company doing the installation. At the risk of being negative about our own industry, heating and air conditioning contractors, as a whole, do a very poor job of installing heating and cooling systems!

A recent report from the Comfort Institute observed that there is simply a lot more to efficient operation of your furnace than the manufacturers’ ratings. Efficiency numbers are measured in a controlled, ideal laboratory setting. A lot can and does go wrong when a contractor takes the equipment out into the real world and installs it in your home. Most homeowners are simply not getting the efficiency they are paying for.

In a recent utility study, 9 out of every 10 new systems had energy wasting mistakes due to errors or oversights by the installing contractor. The EPA states:

“Newly installed heating and cooling systems that are under or over-sized, improperly charged, or connected to a poorly designed and installed duct system will not deliver the rated efficiency.”

Does Replacing Your Furnace Fix All of Your Heating problems?

Your furnace is part of a complete comfort system made up of multiple components. In many instances a new furnace will remove the defects and add a higher level of comfort and reliability. To ensure that your system components work properly together, we go the extra mile and find easy to fix system defects.

We have some of the unique performance products that will add comfort and reliability to your existing furnace if you are not looking to replace your furnace today.

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A common reason to replace your furnace is to remove defects from your existing HVAC system. System assessments typically reveal undersized air duct found in nearly 80% of residential HVAC systems. Adding or increasing ducting capacity is a universal solution that can increase system performance and enhances individual comfort.

However, if the existing air ducting needs to be kept in place, not a problem, we will design the new HVAC to work it’s full ability and comfort level.


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