Save Money On Expensive Repairs With Preventative Maintenance Tune Ups

Kelly’s Advantage Value Maintenance plan (AVMP) provides peace of mind with precision tune-ups for both A/C and Heating Seasons.

We can determine the approximate life of many parts within the hvac system by performing a system Tune Up. New Furnaces are Condensing High Efficient and need Annual Cleanings and Maintenance.

Kelly’s Heating and Cooling is a Top Quality HVAC Service and Installation company. We have been serving the wasatch front for over 20 years. We have built our business by putting the customer first. We give honest solutions and will repair or replace HVAC systems according to our customers wants and needs.

Here’s a little info on what you get in a precision (AVMP) tune from Kelly’s heating and cooling inc. 

(AVMP) FURNACE TUNE UP Heating Cooling Tools

  • Health and reliability report
  • Test electrical components
  • Furnace cleaning & Inspection
  • Clean or Replace filter
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger for damage
  • Diagnosis of all parts
  • 20% discount for any needed part
  • $1000 Credit towards New Furnace


  • Diagnosis of all parts
  • AC cleaning & Inspection
  • Diagnose subcooling & super heat
  • Inspect all components
  • Perform amp & voltage test
  • Clean or Replace filter
  • Test electrical components
  • 20% discount for needed parts or freon
  • Health & Reliabilty report
  • $1000 Credit towards New AC


  • Ask about your (AVMP) 20% Discount for any System Upgrade & Air Quality Improvements

Our Customers love our Advantage Value Maintenance Plan (AVMP)

This is the best way to secure (2) discounted tune-ups! (AVMP) includes both a furnace and A/C tune up before the busy peak season system failures. Get 12 months of system upgrade discounts and 20% off any needed repair. Add all of this to the rapid fast response service team and you will see why we named it Advantage Value!

If you often find yourself looking for “heating and cooling maintenance near me,” we at Kelly’s Heating & Cooling keep you protected with our Advantage Value maintenance plan. When the little problems in your A/C and Furnaces become a reason for concern, we can help you with our customers favorite service plan.

Have you given thought about why heating and cooling appliances always break down or have persistent performance issues? There will be several complications in your HVAC appliances over time.

Some of the emergencies in which we provide professional HVAC repair services in Salt Lake, Davis, Summit, Wasatch and many other counties of Utah are:

Poor airflow: We can perform a complete diagnosis and provide proven solutions to help even out hot and cold spots in your home or office. The most common air flow problem is from a frozen indoor coil due to a refrigerant leak. However, this is not the only cause that can lead to these problems including incorrect or dirty air filters, partially blocked/dirty evaporation coil and worn out blower motor assembly.

Broken A/C: Have you been worried about the cost a broken outdoor unit can bring you? With our experience, we have learned to resolve commonly overlooked small problems that will lead to broken HVAC systems.

Refrigerant Leaks: This leads to poor or no A/C while your A/C unit is running 24-7, costing you more without cooling your home or office.

Repair vs Replace HVAC Appliances: Have you been told to replace your HVAC system? At Kelly’s business, we don’t cheat customers, we will give you correct information about repairing vs replacing your HVAC Today! Our Advantage Value Maintenance Plan members receive discounted repairs with top-brand parts and skilled installation.

Ready to do some serious savings with our best-selling Advantage Value Maintenance Plan? Contact us now at (801) 282-9952. You can also email us at

Advantage Value Maintenance Plan

Check mark Icon Advanced Service Experts that are Focused on Real Results
Check mark Icon Installing Top Quality parts at less than market value price
Check mark Icon Plan Members get a 20% Discount for in Home Quality Air & Comfort Products
Check mark Icon Plan Members are first in line for any needed Emergency Repairs

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