Frequently Asked Questions on Heat Ventilation And Cooling System Installation

How much would it cost me to install an HVAC system?

The cost depends on the system you want to install, the location and other factors. However, typical systems start at $2,990


How to Install a WIFI Thermostat?

Remember, One or more wires have voltage, disconnecting a thermostat usually results in circuit failure at the furnace circuit control board!

To install a thermostat properly, right off the bat you need the correct existing wires, and have electrical or electronics knowledge. You need to know how to disconnect the old thermostat, mount the plate for the new unit, and connect the wires correctly among other things. It is better to contact Kelly’s Heating and Cooling Inc. as we have skilled and experienced technicians to do this job for you at reasonable prices.


How often should I get my HVAC system serviced?

You should get it serviced at the start, during, or end of the season i.e. twice a year. Servicing your HVAC system also lets us know if there are any damaged parts that need repairing. Knowing these damages can save you money on major repair or replacement services.


Which HVAC system is right for my house?

We understand that there are many types of HVAC systems available in our area. It can be hard for consumers to decide which one to buy without a professional experienced guide. We suggest you give us a call, tell us the specifics of your house, budget, and other requirements and let us guide you to the best HVAC system for your health & comfort needs.


How do I increase the life of my home’s HVAC system?

First and foremost, get it checked thoroughly from our experts each season. We offer a 12 month advanced value maintenance plan (AVMP) for $168 for 2 annual tune ups and discounted comfort add-on products.

The best thing you can do on your own is, replace the air filters with pro-grade pleated air filters.


When should I change the filters?

If you are using the disposable filters, then you should change them each month (30 days) based on your usage. If you are using washable filters we can help you know the frequency of cleaning to help the efficiency and performance of the system.

If you haven’t found the answer to your specific questions in this list, Feel free to contact us with your questions. Call or Text us Today 801-573-2046 Our experts are always here to answer and give you the best information.


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