Replacing an Existing HVAC System

At Kelly’s Heating & Cooling Inc. we know that replacing an HVAC system is very different from designing a new HVAC system from scratch. A common reason for replacing your HVAC is to remove the defects from your existing system. We will ensure that your new appliances are operating at their maximum capacity during extreme peak seasons. Redesigning and system modifications require a completely different skill set and perspective than a new construction design.

Redesigning the HVAC System

The first step in redesigning a system is to consult with you and get first-hand information about the existing system’s performance. You will have specific knowledge about issues concerning energy consumption, levels of comfort, safety, wants, and needs. We will take the time to find out what you are looking for and educate on all available possibilities in the redesign.

Before HVAC Redesign

Nearly every existing system has inherent defects that must be removed from the system. Performance reducing defects are invisible and can only be discovered through the testing process. Testing includes the diagnosing of pressures, temperatures, airflow, fan speed, and electrical needs.

Existing Ducting

System assessment typically reveal undersized ducting found in nearly 80% of residential HVAC systems. Adding or increasing air duct capacity is a universal solution that can increase system performance and enhances individual comfort. If the existing ducting needs to be used, not a problem, we will design the new HVAC to work its full ability and comfort level.

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