My Furnace Can’t Keep Up!

My Furnace Can’t Keep Up!

Having an inefficient furnace can make your home quite uncomfortable, particularly during the cold season. From failing components like the heat exchanger to the seizing of the furnace, there are multiple variables that affect the performance of your furnace.

Fortunately, with regular maintenance and professional heating repair, you can keep your furnace working correctly. If your furnace is failing to keep your house warm, it could be due to the following reasons:

Dirty Filters

Furnace filters are supposed to clear air impurities and prevent contaminants from entering your HVAC unit. Primarily, dirty filters mean that your furnace is not receiving adequate airflow. A simple solution for most homeowners would be to start by changing the furnace filter. However, if that does not resolve the issue, it is best to call in a professional heating repair service provider.

Heat Exchanger Issues

The heat exchanger has a critical role in adding heat into the air circulating in your heating system. If your heat exchanger malfunctions, the air will not be heated. Heat exchanger issues will make your house colder and a cracked heat exchanger could expose your household to carbon monoxide. If you suspect a heat exchanger is an issue, turn off your furnace and call us right away.

Lack of Adequate Maintenance

Ensuring regular maintenance for all your HVAC units will ensure your furnace remains functional all year long and for an extended period. If a homeowner skips their furnace maintenance checks, then they could eventually experience all the issues listed above. Regular maintenance keeps your furnace working properly as you repair and replace worn out parts.

Thermostat Issues

A simple issue why your furnace is not working properly could be your thermostat. You could have the wrong settings or have a faulty thermostat that causes frequent off and on cycles. Be sure to reach out to a heating repair service provider to diagnose the concern. This approach will help resolve all your thermostat problems.


When you have an older furnace, it could have a more challenging time with basic, daily functions because of the wear it has experienced over time. If your heating unit can no longer keep up, it is worth inspecting how long you have had it. Most furnaces will last for at least ten years, but rarely over twenty years. So, consider replacing your older furnaces to avoid regular problems.

Unit Sizing

Using the correct furnace size also has a major impact on how effective it will be at heating your home. If your heating unit is relatively small, then the furnace will be unable to heat your home. Likewise, if you are using an oversized system, then it can cause excessive warmth and excess energy usage, which thereby increases energy-related consumption costs.


Furnaces are simple machines with a burner, a heat exchanger, and a fan to blow the air. If any of these components malfunction, then your furnace will not keep up. Avoid trying out some DIY repairs; besides potentially creating bigger problems, it could void your furnace’s warranty. As a rule of thumb, it is best to get professional help from a dedicated heating repair service provider.

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