Why Does My AC Conditioner Cause a Cough?

Can AC give you a cough

We use air conditioners to get relief and feel comfortable during adverse weather conditions. However, some people experience some negative effects of air conditioning. Cough is one of these side effects. Allergic cough is very uncomfortable and can make one avoid air-conditioned rooms even during summer. But can air conditioners give you a cough?

According to American Home Shield, air conditioning can give you a cough. If you experience flu-like symptoms and cough when you turn on your AC unit, then your air conditioner may be the cause. Healthcare providers refer to this problem as hypersensitivity pneumonitis or air conditioner lung.

Even so, it’s essential to state that air conditioners do not directly cause cough. It is the air contaminants spread through the AC system that causes the cough.

Let’s look at some reasons why your AC unit might be giving you cough and the prospective remedies.

Why Does My AC Conditioner Cause a Cough?

Air conditioning units may cause a cough, especially when you fail to provide for routine and adequate cleaning. Air filters in the AC unit are responsible for removing debris, pollen, dust, and other air pollutants to ensure you get clean air.

When you fail to clean and change these filters regularly, the AC unit will blow air full of pollutants. These are the particles that cause a cough and other allergies. You can protect yourself by hiring a professional repair service. These experts will advise you on when to clean and replace the filters to keep your air contaminant-free.

Another reason your AC unit may cause cough is due to mold buildup. If there is too much moisture buildup on the coils of your AC unit, the moisture becomes a breeding ground for mold.

Mold is a significant challenge and can cause many health problems, including a cough. You can reduce mold buildup in your home by hiring a professional. They will regularly inspect your AC system to detect excess moisture and do the necessary repairs.

How to Prevent Air Conditioning Cough

  1. Replace AC filters on time

Allergens and other air contaminants could be the reasons you cough when you power on your AC unit. While the air conditioner is supposed to clean the air, a faulty air filter will affect the air cleaning process—meaning you end up air full of contaminants. By cleaning or replacing the air filter, you will solve the problem and enjoy clean air.

When replacing your AC filters, keep in mind that this is not a DIY job. Work with AC experts who understand all filters are not equal. The right AC Company will recommend the best air filter for your AC unit and help with the installation work. Also, they may decide to clean and not replace the filter depending on its condition.

  1. Use Humidifiers

If your cough persists after replacing the filter, consider buying a humidifier. Air conditioners produce dry air to maintain a low temperature. The dry environment may sometimes cause a cough. With a humidifier, you can reintroduce the moisture back into the air. Using a dehumidifier is effective during sleeping hours.

  1. Keep your air conditioner functional

It is possible to experience a cough with a malfunctioning AC unit. You should hire a professional who will regularly inspect your AC unit, and if need be, repair and replace worn out parts. A functional AC unit reduces the chances of having air pollutants that would otherwise cause a cough and other medical conditions.

Why You Need a Professional Ac Repair Company

Having to deal with an allergic cough is not only uncomfortable but financially draining as well. Reach out to Kelly’s Heating and Cooling Inc for your Air Conditioning repairs and maintenance. As AC experts in the Wasatch Front, we have over 20 years of experience. We will help you improve your home air quality through professional HVAC installation and maintenance services. Contact us today at 801-282-9952 for all your HVAC needs.