How Does the Flooring Affect the Furnace Filter

Flooring Affect the Furnace Filter

The main function of the furnace filter is to protect your furnace, and more so the blower fan, from pollutants such as dirt, dust, hair and other debris. It traps and holds some of this gunk, which helps your furnace function properly and last longer. 

There is much to consider when choosing a furnace filter for your system. The right choice is the function of your furnace’s size, the temperature you set the thermostat, how often you use your furnace, among other factors. To enjoy the benefits highlighted, you need to replace your furnace filter regularly.

Among the factors that will affect your furnace filter and how frequently you need to replace it is your type of floor covering.

Carpet Flooring and Your Filters

Carpets trap dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particulates rather well. Unless disturbed, a lot of the trapped gunk will remain in the carpet fibers, and you don’t have to worry about it being released into the air and finding its way into the furnace filter. As such, you can get by with changing your furnace a little less often and cutting it close to the recommended 30-60 day period.

Because this type of floor covering traps so much, you will need to ensure you clean your carpet regularly to keep enjoying good indoor air quality. If you live in a dusty area, have more pets, or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, you will need to have the carpets cleaned more frequently.

Non-carpet Flooring

Non-carpet flooring options such as hardwood and vinyl do not trap the dust and other particles that settle on the flooring. Instead, these particles and dust will blow through right through the air, finding their way into your furnace filter. This means your furnace filter will trap gunk in a short time, calling for a more frequent replacement if you want your unit to function well for a long time.

The good news is that non-carpet flooring is much easier to clean. It takes less effort and time to remove dust from hardwood floors, for example, compared to what it will take to do the same with carpet flooring. From using a wet mop to vacuuming regularly with a vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter, you can reduce the amount of dust that blows through your spaces and into your furnace unit at any time.

Regular Inspection

Whether you have carpet, hardwood, or vinyl flooring, inspecting your furnace filter at least every month is the best way to determine whether it is time to change it. If the filter looks dirty or clogged, then it is definitely past the recommended time to get a replacement. 

Looking at the filter is the sure way to confirm replacement timing. With carpet flooring, the carpet will trap dust that would normally settle on the floor. We can miss to see the dust and may neglect replacing our furnace filter, which is not without consequence. The good thing is that this is not a concern with shiny hardwood flooring, as it’s harder to miss the dust that may settle on the floors.

Quality Furnace Filters Replaced Regularly

Always invest in the pro-recommended furnace filters that work with your system. They do a better job of keeping dust and all types of air-borne contaminants out of your blower. As outlined, the flooring type you have will influence how frequently you need to replace your furnace filter. To keep your furnace running at maximum efficiency and ensure it stays in top shape for long, be sure to keep up with your regular filter changes.